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Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (ITAP) is a new center of scientific interaction, established in 1 March 2006. We believe that the institute will soon become one of the favorite international meeting points for students and physicists from around the world.


ITAP is a scientifically and financially independent organization supported by the non-profit Turkish Community Services Foundation (TTHV). ITAP approaches all research and research-training institutions with principles of equality and welcomes applications and proposals for national and international meetings as outlined under the title "Types of Activities" (see below). Individual activities are managed by a voluntary international scientific organizational board. All resources are allocated for constructing/renovating the necessary infrastructure for the scientific environment and supporting young researchers nationally and internationally.


Located on the geographical and cultural crossroads between the East and the West, the South and the North, ITAP aims at establishing an environment of interaction in scientific research, training in all natural sciences with particular emphasis on theoretical and applied physics and mathematics between the international senior scientists, researchers and research students. The main activities that ITAP supports are based on the dissemination of research ideas and results among the senior and young scientists and, not the least, training of young researchers.

See Activities page for information on the types of activities, as well as how to organize and how to participate an activity.


ITAP is located in Turunç, located in the picturesque southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Turunç has a blue-flagged beach on the skirts of pine covered hills. The region is renowned with its variety of natural, historical, and cultural heritage. Write “ITAP” and click “Search” button in the Google Map below.

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