Activities in the institute

Organizers are invited all year round to organize activities of the following contents

1) International Research Meetings in Theoretical and Applied Sciences

2) International Summer/Winter Schools on advanced research fields with the aim of training young researchers at the graduate and postgraduate levels

3) Regular scientific meetings of large and extended research groups

4) Summer/Winter and other short seasonal schools, science and olympiad camps with the aim of motivating and encouraging successful students at the university as well as high school level into a research carrier in basic sciences.

See our Archive for a list of past meetings and schools held in ITAP.

Who is interested in ITAP?

Organizers of all types of meetings for research or research training in theoretical and applied sciences are welcome in organizing their events at the center. These include all subjects of natural sciences and all fields of engineering, ecology, marinology, oceanography, interdisciplinary natural sciences etc. Particularly, activities in theoretical and applied physics and mathematics are given special attention by the center.

How to propose your activity

Organizers of meetings, summer schools etc. are highly encouraged to apply for organizing their events at ITAP. The "Institute" provides an excellent scientific atmosphere at highly attractive financial, organizational as well as geographical conditions for international events at small, medium and large scales (see Rates below). Organizers who wish to inquire the center's capacity and availability for their planned events should fill out the meeting organizers form. A prompt reply is sent within a few days from the Director's office.

If you wish to organize your event at ITAP please fill out the proposal submission form and send it using the submit button in the bottom of the form.

Please note that you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher version for completing the form.

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