ITAP is in the uphills of the township Turunç at the district called "Kaygıseki Mevkii". Turunç is 21 km. from the worldwide well known town Marmaris. Marmaris is on the Mediterranean coast in the municipality of Muğla which is in the south west of Turkey. The map of Muğla and its surroundings can be reached in the main web site of ITAP.

A detailed information for reaching ITAP can be found here.

Reaching by air:

There are two international airports nearby;

Dalaman (110 km from Turunç), and Bodrum (170 km from Turunç) international airports. Air travelers can fly to Dalaman, from which there is airport service to Marmaris. From Marmaris there is frequent public shuttle buses to Turunç;. On the shuttle bus you mention the driver that you want to get off the shuttle at the Lorima Resort junction which is a holiday village next to ITAP. At the point where you get off the shuttle, the "ITAP", "IAM" and "Lorima Resort" signs will lead you to the Institute which is a 500 meter slopeless walk (dead end) in the alley of citrus trees decorated with a Mediterranean background. The Institute is at the end of the dead end.

Reaching by bus:

You can reach Marmaris by bus from anywhere in Turkey by intercity buses. After that the rest is the same as above.

Reaching by Boat and yatch: Marmaris as well as Turunç; have international marinas. The nearby attraction "Bodrum" (170 km) has an international harbor for cruiselines. There is frequent public transportation between Bodrum and Marmaris.


Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics  (ITAP)

Kaygıseki Mevkii

Turunç, Marmaris

Muğla, Türkiye

e-mail: hakioglu (at)

hakioglu (at)

Tel: + 90 537 497 8549 (GSM)

Fax: + 90 (252) 476 7820

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