Members' contribution to the running costs

ITAP is currently obliged to run its running costs fully by the membership dues. We request the turkish nationals in the honorary board to contribute 180 TRL/year and the members of the scientific organizational board to contribute 120 TRL/year. Our foreign members are also welcomed to contribute as they wish. With this support, ITAP will hire a half time physics secretary, cover stationary expenses, buy some new equipment (a laser printer, a fast serial photocopy machine) and books and shelves to the library. The support can also be used in supporting young researchers in the organized activities on the basis of their scientific achievement. The Institute currently has approximately 45 members in the honorary as well as scientific boards. Monthly support of all members will approximately amount to 500 TRL total.

The Turkish Community Services Foundation (TTHV) has opened a bank account for ITAP as fixed by the internal regulations by TTHV and ITAP. The account information is as follows:

Bank account information:

Name of Account: Türkiye Toplum Hizmetleri Vakfı (Turkish Community Services Foundation)

Name of Bank: Garanti Bankası

Swift Code: TGBATRIS

IBAN number (TRL): TR460006200141800006297900

IBAN number (EUR): TR840006200141800009075393

IBAN number (USD): TR570006200141800009075394

Name of Branch: İçmeler/Marmaris

Branch Number: 308

Account number (TRL): 6297900

Account number (EUR): 9075393

Account number (USD): 9075394

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