Initiatives need your support

ITAP is a scientifically and financially independent organization of the Turkish Community Services Foundation.

ITAP welcomes individuals, national and international universities, educational and research organizations to support various initiatives started at the center. The support will be acknowledged with the name of the supporter and the activity supported. The acknowledgement will appear in the ITAP web page.

ITAP has independent bank accounts which are provided in the sections of this page "Membership" and "Rates, Services and Payment".

This support will be used in:

1) An e-automated library with hardcopy research and textbooks, proceedings in Physics and Mathematics. We will soon have an expanding list of materials with high priority. If you have item to donate please send it directly to the director.

2) An e-journal science database with a large collection of professional science journals (Supporters will be acknowledged.)

4) Scholarships for international participants with the name of the supporting individual and/or organization: These include support for young researchers for participating in the research training activities (example ZZZ Physics Foundation Scholarships, Professor YYY Scholarships etc.).

5) Supporting as a whole an individual activity for the advancement of basic sciences, to encourage and motivate skillful high school students, science festivals, astronomy observation days, national international science olympiads etc.

6) Running costs that make the center sustainable for a long future.

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