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All about Turunç 

Turunç, a breath taking village in a distance of 20 kilometers from Marmaris is best known for its nature. Being small in size and the fact that it is a village still not commonly visited keeps its nature exquisite and clean. It is said that the first settlement of Turunç was around the same time as Marmaris. Turunç has been a spot of settlement since pre-historical times. The villagers who used to earn their lives from agriculture and fishing have started to earn their living from Turunç's sensational atmosphere that attracts visitors.

Being among big villages such as Marmaris and İçmeler, Turunç attracts visitors with its untouched nature. One of the indicators of its cleanness could be the “Blue Flag?that the village has won, a prize given to any touristic place that is able to protect nature and keep the environment clean. There are two ways to get to Turunç, one being by boat from Marmaris or İçmeler and the second by vehicle through a beautiful route. Should you come by vehicle you will notice a beautiful bay below the road. If you should decide to come by boat, taking 25 minutes from İçmeler and about an extra 15 minutes from Marmaris, you would be thrilled to find a piece of heaven hidden behind the hills. When it comes to its distance from the Dalaman International Airport we could easily say that it is around about 120km.

Due to its climate, Turunç gives you an opportunity to swim seven months a year, starting from April to October. Not only does it give you the possibility to swim but also to go trekking, jogging or scuba diving. 

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Going out in Turunç

Evolving into a touristic site, Turunç does not have a very big entertainment area although and much more easy going than Marmaris, this also reflects to its shop owners when it comes to doing business but this does not mean that there aren’t any places you could go out at night for a drink or to enjoy a lovely dinner. We could advice you to take a Blue Voyage boat tour to see Turunç and its surroundings such as Kumlubük with its exquisite bay and ruins.

Ways to get to Turunç

There are a couple of ways to get to Turunç, one is to take a “Dolmuş?(minibus in Turkish) from Marmais next to the entrance of the supermarket named “Tansaş? The route it takes is from Marmaris to Içmeler and it takes about 35 minutes to get to Turunç. Other than that you could ask the driver to stop at any spot that is on its route. We recommend you to take the “Dolmuş?from its first station, which will help you find a sitting spot for your journey.

You could also get to Turunç by a taxi boat from Marmaris. You can find the “Taxi Station” right opposite the “Sabancı? high school. Although the Taxi Boat stops along the way in some of the five star hotels, Turunç will show up slowly in front of your eyes.

Turunç Cruise

There are many different boat trips available to various destinations and we cannot deny that there is nothing more rewarding then sailing along the coastline through the crystal clear turquoise colored waters. The Turunç Cruise goes around the bays around Turunç as well as the bays of İçmeler and Marmaris. Also known as the “Blue Cave”, the cruise will pass next to the “Cleopatra’s Cave” and the “Yalancı Boğaz” where one of the ship yards is located. This cruise also stops along the way for you to enjoy the atmosphere and have a short swim.

Scuba Diving in Turunç

There are certified PADI guides at your service in Turunç for you to profit from the beautiful spots of the gulf of Turunç. The PADI guides will help you regardless your knowledge of scuba diving. 

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Water sports in Turunç

It is possible to rent jet skis, to take a banana ride, to take a parasailing, do water ski or simply just lay on the warm sand and profit from the sea and sun. But we advise you to make sure that the place has a valid insurance for you. We must remind you that due to the high prices of gas in Turkey some sports might be a little expensive.

Mounting Hiking in Turunç

Although the natural resources might tempt you to mountain hike in Turunç we advise you to either hike together with a group or with a specialist who knows the area. We must remind you that there is a high penalty if you hike in a non designated area.

The Amos Antiquities

Near to the village there is a site with antiquities of remnants of a city that once was magnificent and that controlled the gulf. You could arrive to this spot by car through the mountains. The route on its own holds some surprises due to the natural beauty. One other way you could come to Amos is by boat. We must point out a very important thing at this point. Out of Turunç, and in the rural areas, many of the roads are either not paved or not fenced, therefore we advise you never to drive fast since there are many dangerous curves along the way.

Shopping in Turunç

This old fisherman’s village has a small variety of shops that sell clothes, beachwear, shoes, and water-sports equipments. You can also find small minimarkets were you could find traditional Turkish souvenirs, local handcraft, as well as a large range of spices, teas and traditional deserts.

For those who are willing to be further informed about Turunç, here is a range of links that might be useful to get to know this small piece of heaven.

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