International Advanced Research Schools in Physics (IARS)

All IARS activities are designed for international participation and conducted in English.
IARS schools take place in a highly interactive environment. In addition to in-class lectures, most programs are designed in a way to expose the participants to concrete hands-on training in supervised problem solving sessions closely related to current research problems of the topic studied. In most cases we allow and encourage young participants with strong applications to present their research results in short afternoon seminars. Those participants with accepted short presentations will also be considered for financial support partially covering the local expenses during their stay.

In all IARS activities the national participants' local expenses are covered by our state projects. International students with strong credentials from Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Georgia and Bulgaria are eligible for full local ITAP support due to our international agreements. For the new and reduced fees applied to international participants from other nations please refer to the "Rates & Services" page. Travel expenses of the national and international participants cannot be supported in IARS activities.

Main titles and details of the events can be found below.

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    1. Bullet2nd International Henry Moseley School and Workshop on X-ray Science (Jointly supported by SESAME and JSPS)

    2. Dates: June 13 - 22, appl. deadline: May 10
    3. This is a joint 10 day international school supported by SESAME (Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East), JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and ITAP. It aims at training young academic/industrial researchers and students at research level in the interdisciplinary fields of principles and advances of x-ray scattering/diffraction, protein and molecular crystallography, x-ray absorption and florescense spectroscopy, x-ray imaging and tomography, nuclear resonance scattering, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, ultra fast applications in the nano and fempto regimes. The school targets at students and researchers from the fields of physics, chemistry, structural and functional biology, bio-organic chemistry, geology, mineral physics, material science, earth and environmental sciences, botanics and medical sciences. (See flyer here)

    1. Bullet2nd International Summer School and Workshop on Brain Dynamics: Connectivity & Cognition

    Dates: July 1 - 6, appl. deadline: May 31
    1. The 2.nd International Summer School and Workshop on Brain Dynamics: Connectivity & Cognition is a continuation of the 2012 workshop. These series of meetings which we plan to be organized regularly on the yearly basis, aim at highlighting the state-of-the-art topics in the study of functional and behavioral dynamics as well as complexities of the brain by bringing together experts from a variety of interdisciplinary fields involving neuroscience, neurotechnology, engineering, medicine, computer science, mathematics and physics. This year, the workshop will focus on Connectivity & Cognition targeting at senior and junior researchers, scientists, engineers, clinicians, mathematicians, physicists, biologists and students working in these fields.

    1. BulletTopological Materials: New Physics and Gateway to New Critical Technologies

    Dates: July 15 - 24, appl. deadline: June 14
    1. This international summer school and workshop will start with a detailed overview of the topological aspects of the energy bands in condensed matter and solid state physics. In the first half, two and three dimensional topological insulators and their applications to device physics and technology such as topological FETs, topological quantum capacitors, topological quantum wires will be covered. The second half is devoted to the overview as well as the developments in topological superconductors, topological excitonic condensates and Majorana physics.

    1. BulletExact and Numerical Models of Low-Dimensional Quantum Structures

    Dates: August 4 - 12, appl. deadline: July 5
    1. This international summer school and workshop will cover analytical as well as numerical methods associated with one-dimensional quantum models. The essential tool which will be presented will be the Bethe ansatz from both an analytical and numerical point of view. The basics of this method will be presented via solving the one-dimensional Heisenberg and Bose gas models. The application of this method to excited states and systems at finite temperature will also be included. Modern applications covered in this school will include quantum quench dynamics as well as pairing models for one-dimensional superconductivity. All topics will be developed by lectures as well as exercise sessions.

    1. BulletInternational Summer School and Workshop on Physics and Chemistry of Solar Energy

    Dates: August 24 - 30, appl. deadline: July 26
    1. This is designed to be a follow-up advanced research training school and workshop of the international conference Solar Energy for World Peace to be held in İstanbul between 17-19/August/2013. It is design to disseminate the latest developments in the physics and technology of solar cells to graduate students and young researchers in this field. The photovoltaic characteristics of the semiconductor and organic solar cells will be discussed in detail from a physics and material science point of view.

    1. BulletInternational Summer School and Workshop on Protein-Protein and Protein-Ligand Interactions

    Dates: September 1 - 7, appl. deadline: August 1
    1. This workshop is a continuation of the computational biophysics workshops organised at Sabanci and TOBB Economy and Technology Universities from 2009-2012. The aim of the workshop is to introduce students and researchers in the field to new developments in computational description of protein interactions. Topics to be covered are: docking methods for binding of ligands and proteins, molecular dynamics simulations of complex structures, free energy simulation methods for determination of absolute and relative binding free energies . Lectures will be followed by practical sessions where students will be tutored on the programs introduced in the lectures and how they are used in practice. There will also be brain storming sessions where students will talk about their research problems, and feedback will be provided for resolving any difficulties they encounter and for future progress.

    1. BulletPrinceton-Cambridge-ITAP Summer School and Workshop on Quantum Many-Body Phenomena at Light-Matter Interfaces

    Dates: September 10 - 20, appl. deadline: August 9
    1. The key role light plays in macroscopic coherence and collective phenomena in both atomic and solid-state systems have received increasing attention within the last decade. From fundamental questions on matter far from equilibrium to emerging applications in quantum optoelectronics, a multitude of research directions have managed to bring together both experimentalists and theorists. This summer school/workshop is organized jointly between the Cambridge and Princeton Universities and ITAP, as a successor of the first Cambridge-ITAP workshop held in 2009. The aim of this organization is to bring together leading experts on various related topics and highly motivated young researchers in a series of blackboard-style lectures on fundamental concepts, technical challenges and state-of-the-art research. Hands on training on the fundamentals will be followed by a selected set of research problems studied in exercises, tutorials, homeworks and journal club activities. The school will be geared primarily for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows but exceptional senior undergraduates are highly encouraged to attend. A public evening event will include a colloquium on the quantumness of stars in conjunction with hands-on observation using a research-grade telescope of the ITAP Oluğtugal observatory.

    External Activities

    1. BulletEurasia-Pacific Conference 2013 on Strongly Correlated Electrons (Joint Organization of APCTP, ITAP and Academia Sinica)

    Dates: July 10 - 12, (Republic of Korea)
    1. The outburst of the field ignited by the cuprate superconductivity has matured with time to include new class of superconductors, pnictides as well as the most recent topological matter. Despite tremendous development of materials quality, experimental techniques, and many-body tools, we are still short of general understanding of the strong electronic correlations. In this setting, we wish to bring leading researchers together in a relaxed atmosphere to interact with each other and focus on opportunities and challenges in the field.

      The Eurasia-Pacific series was born at ITAP in the year 2011 and continued in 2012 and is becoming a global calender event. The Eurasia-Pacific Conference 2013 on Strongly Correlated Electrons is jointly organized and supported by APCTP, ITAP, and Academia Sinica.

    Outreach (Olympiad Trainings and Science Festivals)

    1. BulletLise Öğretmenlerine Yönelik Fizik Olimpiyat Eğitimi

    2. Physics Olympiad Training for High School Teachers

        20-30 Ocak; 27/Ocak-5/Şubat

        20-30 January; 27/January-5/February

        ITAP Fizik Olimpiyat Okulu ikinci ve üçüncü kademe fizik olimpiyat eğitimi

    1. Bullet2013 Turunç Saadet Zeki Ünsal İlköğretim Okulu Bilim Şenliği

    2. 2013 Turunç Saadet Zeki Ünsal Primary School Science Festival

       20-21 Nisan

        April 20-21

    1. Turunç ilk okulu öğrencileri, öğretmenleri ve ailelerine yönelik geleneksel 23 Nisan bilim şenliğinin üçüncüsü düzenlenecektir.

    1. BulletAilelere Yönelik Bilim Şenlikleri ( Ön Başvurular Açıldı! )

    2. 2013 yazı boyunca

    3. Science Festivals for Families (Pre applications are now open! )

    4. Throughout the 2013 summer

    5. Astro ITAP ve ITAP Bilim ve Toplum Merkezi tarafından ortaklaşa düzenlenecek olan bu etkinliklerde, ilköğretim, orta öğretim okulları ve lisede çocukları bulunan aileler için bilim şenlikleri düzenlenecektir. Bu programlarda, günlük hayatımızda sıkça karşımıza çıkan birçok bilimsel yasaların (fizik, matematik, astronomi, kimya, biyoloji, mühendislik uygulamaları), ucuz ve her evde bol bulunan malzemelerle yapılabilen merak uyandırıcı, eğlenceli, düşündürücü, yaratıcı bilimsel deneyler ve gösteriler ile tanıtılmasının yanında, teleskop ile güneş, ay ve derin uzay gözlemleri gibi aktif katılımlı astronomi etkinlikleri de bulunmaktadır. Etkinlikler, çocukların yaşlarına göre ilkokul, ortaokul ve lise olarak üç farklı seviyede planlanmaktadır. Bunlar dışında, ilk/orta öğretim ve lise öğretmenlerine, üniversite öğrencilerine yönelik bilim/toplum eğitimleri de yapılmaktadır. Masa başı deneyleri, ölçme ve model geliştirilmesi, sınıf içi gösterileri ve yarışmalar ile ailelerin programa aktif olarak katılmaları planlanmaktadır. Ailelerin, etkinlik dışında Turunç/Marmaris ve çevresinden yararlanmaya ayırabilecekleri günde ortalama 6 saat serbest zamanları olacaktır. ITAP misafirhanesini kullanan ailelerden, veliler için günde 100 TL, çocuklar için günde 80 TL ücret alınması düşünülmektedir. Sunmuş olduğumuz projelerden destek sağlayabilirsek çocukların masrafları tamamen karşılanacaktır. Konaklamasız gündelik ücretler beslenme ve eğitim giderleri dahil veliler için 80 TL ve çocuklar için 60 TL dir. Masraflara beş günlük etkinlik için konaklama, üç öğün yemek, ikramlar, eğitmen masrafları, ve deney malzeme masrafları dahildir. Başvuru ve diğer bilgiler için gerekli olan etkinlik internet sayfası ve posterleri yakında duyurulacaktır. 2013 Şenlik Programları ve Başvuruları

      Astro ITAP and ITAP Center for Science and Society, jointly organize in 2013 summer a number of science festivals for families with children. The families are expected to attend the festival where the fun and exciting side of science will be exposed with demonstrations of the laws of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, engineering applications, and also astronomy including observations on the sun, solar system and the deep-sky, tips for building table-top low cost creative experimental models, active involvement in simple fun experiments and exciting family competitions (We are determined to make the table-top science a typical family event). The participants are expected to cover their expenses during the activity. A daily fee of 100 TL for the parents and 80 TL for the children will be charged which includes accommodation, meals and all educational expenses. For those with outside of ITAP accommodation arrangements the daily fees are 80 TL and 60 TL (including meals and educational materials) respectively for parents and for children. The families will also have a free time for nearly 6 hours/day for discovering the environment in Turunç/Marmaris. More details in english on the project web page with online application forms will be announced later. 2013 Physics and Astronomy Festivals’ Programs and Applications

    2013 program

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