1. BulletWe are grateful to the Turkish Community Services Foundation (TTHV) for providing the infrastructure of ITAP.

  1. Bullet25 comfortable rooms (all with balcony, some with sea view) with a total capacity of hosting 50 people (with nearby resorts extendable to 100)

  1. Bulletlaundry service, telephone in the rooms

  1. Bulletcomputing room with an eight node parallel server, 16 PentiumIV 3GHz terminal PCs working under SuSE with Fortran 77, Fortran 90, IMSL, LAPACK, 2D and 3D graphical tools, text editors, etc. The full list ever increases which can be inquired. Any other software not included in the list can be added by request.

  2. Bulletfast internet connection

  1. BulletThanks to our supporters, within a year (2006-2007) online memberships are to start to various physics and mathematics journal archives

  1. BulletNewly established library in theoretical and applied physics and mathematics (More donations of textbooks research books etc. are welcome for this item)

  1. BulletFully equipped "Director's Office" for organizers of large meetings

  1. BulletThree audio rooms (with a capacity of 30 each) equipped with necessary multimedia technology, classroom facilities for Summer/Winter Schools. The ITAP domain is recently established between all lecture rooms and the computer room.

  1. BulletA closed and an open-air restaurant providing three magnificent international/national cuisines/day

  1. BulletAn open-air amphitheater with a capacity of 50 seats

  1. BulletA small open-air swimming pool

  1. BulletMagnificent view of Mediterranean, cycling, hiking trails on the coast and inland in Lorima peninsula

  1. BulletNearby archaeological and cultural sites of the Turkish Mediterranean coast and the Greek islands (particularly Rhodes and Kos).

Computing Facilities

ITAP has an up-to-date computational infrastructure with an eight-node parallel server operating under SuSE Linux and connected to 16 terminal PC's also operating under Linux. There is a 20 kVA UPS and a 98 kVA generator for unexpected power cuts. The server is used solely for computational purposes.

ITAP computers are being managed under the guidance of Dr. Ersen Mete of Balıkesir University, Department of Physics.

ITAP should be properly acknowledged in all research publications by researchers using ITAP resources. An example is as follows. “The numerical calculations in this research [or part of it, if it needs to be mentioned] were performed using the computational resources at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics in Marmaris, Turkey.

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